Sunday, 13 January 2013

The man behind the genius

To understand Warren Buffett’s success in business, it is paramount to know where he comes from, how he thinks and how his drive to succeed is fed. Only those who have extensively studied his personal life may hope to gain some insight into what it takes to become this successful.

Countless biographies have been written on Warren Buffet, many of which are incomplete or inaccurate in some way or another. The most comprehensive account on Warren Buffett’s life is called “The Snowball: WarrenBuffet and the Business of Life” and authored by Alice Schroeder. Buffett gave her unprecedented insight into his career and personal life and thus enabled her to produce the most extensive and illuminating biography on him ever written!

The main critique issued on this book is that it goes too much in detail on personal issues, which are seemingly unrelated to his investment success. I strongly disagree with that view, as much of what appears to be random side notes at first glance, turns out to be most important in shaping his decisions along his path to riches.

I urge each and everyone inspired by Mr. Buffett, to read this book. It is very illuminating and an absolute must for every Buffett fan!

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